When did wigan casino burn down

End of an era for Wigan Pier as final section of legendary nightclub set for demolition. The work will take place this weekend to make way for a major redevelopment of the area, including 1,200 ... Wigan Casino - Wigan - Bar | Facebook

Jul 18, 2016 · WHEN Keb Darge was a young man living in Elgin, north east Scotland, Saturday meant one thing: the northern soul all-nighter at the Wigan Casino. Northern Soul: 40 years of the sound of Wigan Casino - BBC Sep 20, 2013 · Britain's Northern Soul music scene exploded with the first "all-nighter" at the Wigan Casino nightclub in September 1973. The Culture Show's Paul Mason, once a regular on the dancefloor, recalls the sound that defined his youth: Looking back on Northern Soul, 40 years on from the first all-nighter at Wigan Casino, one thing stands out. Wigan - Wikipedia

The Wigan Casino was a nightclub in Wigan, England. Operating between 1973 and 1981, it became known as a primary venue for Northern soul music.

3 Oct 2008 ... As I first popped the needle down on the Temptations, 'My Girl' in 1965 and ... This was absolute heaven – this was my vocation – a Northern Soul DJ. ... Wigan Council demolished the Casino in the Spring of 1982 to extend the Civic Centre. .... In a 'bridge-burning' moment, I sold most everything else in my ... Tony Palmer - The Wigan Casino [DVD] [2010]: Amazon.co.uk ... Keep on Burning - The Story of Northern Soul by Marc Almond DVD £20.95 ... The Wigan Casino was a dance hall and home to Northern Soul' at the height ... blind suspicion (and the excuse of a minor fire) to eventually close it down in 1981. Peckham Northern Soul - Keeps on Burning | Peckham Soul

“Wigan Casino first opened it’s doors on September 23rd, 1973 to the sounds of “Put Your Loving Arms Around Me” by The Sherrys, and 652 people walked in. It must have seemed inconceivable at the time that Wigan Casino Soul Club would eventually have over 100,000 members...

Channel 4's Paul Mason with the Wigan Casino plaque (via Twitter) - - - Yet in a curious way it’s barely necessary. The site the Wigan Casino previously occupied is now a shopping centre, the club having been demolished back in 1981, and indeed the current Grand Arcade already pays homage to its history with its Casino Café. Wigan Casino 3 Before 8 - Texas Holdem Auf Aida Mississippi did it right, people in the industry say, and did so with Southern hospitality.Repairs are underway on the Palace Casino.By the time final night came in late 1981, many of Wigan's best-known DJs These were the last three songs to be played at the end of the Wigan Casino Allnighter. Wigan Casino Story - Northern Soul --- A Way Of Life--- There were clubs for purists, for innovators, for collectors, but if what you really wanted was a club for dancers, then Wigan Casino was the place to go. At 2am in the early hours of Sunday, September 23, 1973, the doors of the Wigan Casino opened to the Northern Soul all-nighter crowd for the first time. Wigan Casino, Certainty of reality, designed for Wigan ...

They didn’t do to bad for themselves did they? Anyway “The Forum” and later, in the glitter days, “Sparkle” we did all the working men’s clubs and discos up and down the country, trying to make a name for ourselves, then one day we were booked to play a ballroom in Wigan called of course The Casino.

This is an edited down document of the last ever 2 hours at Wigan casino, this was the 'real' end of an era allnighter (the hastily arranged second one doesn't count), this was obviously my last ever visit and it was a fantastic night, as you'll hear from this very emotional recording.

2018-12-6 · The plan was for Old Camp Casino to be demolished during the early months of 2013 and then, weather permitting, for construction to start on the new casino. Because it was going to occupy the same land, the old casino had to be torn down first.

WIGAN CASINO - THE LAST NIGHT (END OF AN ERA ALLNIGHTER ... This is an edited down document of the last ever 2 hours at Wigan casino, this was the 'real' end of an era allnighter (the hastily arranged second one doesn't ... Northern Soul - The Originators Despite its popularity, the club closed down due to licensing problems in March ... By this time, Wigan Casino was coming under criticism from many soul fans .... Maxwell, Gene Chandler, Barbara Acklin, the Casualeers, and Jimmy Burns. Northern Soul - Fred Perry

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