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Pius IV. n (Biography) original name Giovanni Angelo de' Medici. 1499–1565, pope (1559–65). Their work builds handsomely on the efforts of one Pirro Ligorio, an Italian artist and scholar of ancient monuments, who, among other achievements, built the celebrated villa Casina di Pio IV, the Casino of Pope Pius IV, in the grounds of the Vatican. Archivision Architecture Images: Casino of Pius IV

Mince: 1 Baiocco (Pius IX) (Vatikán - Papežské státy) (1846 Mince: 1 Baiocco (Pius IX) (Vatikán - Papežské státy) (1846~1870 - 255th Pope Pius IX) WCC:km1345. Nákupujte, prodavejte, obchodujte a výměňujte sběratelský předměty snadno s komunitou sběrateli Colnectu. How to See the Vatican - Wikisource, the free online library The Piazza of St. Peter's as it is to-day ; on the right, above the Colonnade, is the Palace of the Vatican, the right wing of which contains the apartments of the Pope

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Pope Pius IV - Pius IV had Pirro Ligorio and a host of painters continue to build and decorate the Casino of Pius IV, a villa suburbana begun under his predecessor, Paul IV. The structure, intended as a retreat for the pope, is located in the Vatican gardens on the west side of the Belvedere Court. Vatican Gardens: The Pope’s Personal Garden of Eden The Casino of Pius IV: A Summer House Fit for a Pope The fanatical Pope Paul IV (who you might know for his plan to destroy Michelangelo’s work in the Sistine Chapel) was dissatisfied with the classical pagan sculptures that appeared at every turn in Julius’ gardens, and resolved to expand them away from Bramante’s courtyard. Archivision Architecture Images: Casino of Pius IV Casino of Pius IV Date 1558-1562 (creation) Creator Ligorio, Pirro ca.1500-1583 Pius IV, Pope 1499-1565 City/Site Rome (Vatican City) Santa Sede (Holy See) Italy Worktype buildings recreation buildings entertainment buildings casinos Image Description Close view of fountain on the garden side of loggia Descriptors casino pavilion ninfeo Credit Line Archivision, Inc. Vatican Treasures - Dmitri Kessel — Google Arts & Culture

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A description of Giardino e Casino Pontificio del Belvedere in an etching by Giuseppe Vasi and as it is today Porta Angelica A description of Porta Angelica, one of the gates of Rome, in the etching by Giuseppe Vasi and as it is today Pirro Ligorio - Wikipedia Pirro Ligorio (c. 1512/1513 - 30 October 1583) was an Italian architect, painter, antiquarian, and garden designer during the Renaissance period.

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They [Bishops] shall also banish from churches all those kinds of music, in which, whether by the organ, or in the singing, there is mixed up any thing lascivious or impure; as also all secular actions; vain and therefore profane conversations, all walking about, noise, and clamour, that so the house of God may be seen to be, and may be called, truly a house of prayer. Pope Pius IV - Encyclopedia Volume - The sentence was afterwards declared unjust by St. Pius V and the memory of the victims vindicated and their estates restored. Cardinal Morone and other dignitaries whom Paul had imprisoned for suspicion of heresy were released. Pius IV now devoted his undivided attention to the completion of the labours of the Council of Trent. He was luckier ... Casino della Vigna di Papa Giulio III - Pope Julius III built an elegant fountain on Via Flaminia at the entrance of his suburban Villa (or as it was called then Vigna=Vineyard, because the main building -Casino- was surrounded by a large cultivated area). Pope Pius IV completed the small palace adjoining the fountain. Pius IV Facts - In 1556 Pope Paul IV assigned him to the archdiocese of Foligno. On Dec. 25, 1559, Medici was elected pope and took the name Pius IV. Pius IV faced a serious challenge to his diplomatic finesse in the problem of the Council of Trent, which had been suspended since 1552. In 1562 the council was reassembled by his mandate.

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The Casina Pio IV (or Villa Pia) is a patrician villa in Vatican City which is now home to the ... Upon Paul IV's death on 18 August 1559, Pope Pius IV took on the project, which had not yet been completed, and, turning to Pirro Ligorio, improved it. ... Graham Smith, The Casino of Pius IV, Princeton, N.J., Princeton University ... Casina Pio IV - Pontifical Academy of Sciences The Academy's headquarters are in the Casina Pio IV, in the Vatican City. Completed in 1561 as a summer residence for Pope Pius IV and surrounded by the ... Casino of Pius IV | villa, Vatican City | Casino of Pius IV: Pirro Ligorio: Ligorio also built the Casino of Pope Pius IV ( Casina di Pio IV) in the Vatican Gardens (1558–62) and the Rotunda with ... Giardino e Casino Pontificio del Vaticano - RomeArtLover

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