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Games Where You Play As A Ghost / Other Supernatural So, guys, do any of you know games where you play as ghosts / other supernatural creatures? Psychics etc count, if you would. Also, I'm thinking of a game in particular.

Creature Capture is a strategy game that teaches relationships between whole ... You can learn more about enabling Flash here: ... Trouble Playing This Game? Creature Street by FloTeam for "Unnecessary Sequels" - Awful ... - I think of this game as a sequel in a meta sense: you're picking up the pieces from some other .... I played through a couple of times to get the various endings. Spore Creature Creator Game Review - Common Sense Media

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Download the best games on Windows & Mac. A vast selection of titles, DRM-free, with free goodies, customer love, and one fair price for all is a digital distribution platform – an online store with a curated selection of games, an optional gaming client giving you freedom of choice, and... Name a PvP game where you can play as a monster/creature It was a blast to play as a monster actually. Except the game got old really fast, after a week I had enough. 11 months ago. Are there any PC games where you play as a dragon? -… It’s a mix of a turn based and real time strategy game where you play as the bastard heir of the old emperor. And since your mother was a dragonIn this game you do not control a dragon as a main player but you control a dragonborn who is able to permanently kill dragons by not letting their souls... The Top 10 Games Where You Play As A Ghost - GameFAQs This list has 10 games (in no particular order) where your main protagonist is a ghost. There are just so many ways to play as this kind of mystical being. In this list, I won't be putting in games based on franchises (Sorry Casper and Beetlejuice) and games where you can have a ghost character but it...

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Games Where You Play As An Animal/Monster? I really want some game where you play as a monster or animal. Maybe even a survival game. < > Showing 1-15 of 53 comments Play Connect Creatures, a free online game on Kongregate An open platform for all web games! Get your games in front of thousands of users while monetizing through ads and virtual goods. Find documentation and support to get you started. Upload Your Game; Our Publishing Program. With our publishing program, we can help get your games to millions of users on multiple platforms! Play Tiny Evolution Adventure on Stencyl Set on a evolutionary adventure where you must devour the weak and survive against the strong so you may evolve and reach the top of the food chain! In this game, you must travel the stages and eat creatures that are smaller than you. After you have eaten enough, you are ready to evolve and you need to find the stage exit to proceed to the next ...

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8 Best Games Where You Get To Play As The Bad Guy We all love games where we get to defeat evil.What are the best games to play as a bad guy?It’s an easy choice really. Your creature and the hand you use to play change appearance (not your real hand, don’t worry) depending on your moral choices – after all, to be evil you have to look the part.

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An open world game where you play as a creature? | IGN Boards

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